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How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing


Your Google My Business listing is one of today’s most critical SEO elements. When customers can find your physical location, then this capability adds a tremendous level of value to your website.


Many SEO factors right now focus on value above anything else. You can have errors or a lack of content available and still rank high if you’re the most valuable business in your community for your industry.


Optimizing this free tool is a fast and easy way to increase your opportunities. About half of all people who perform local searches will visit the business they looked up on the same day.


Steps to Follow for Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing


Potential customers can obtain plenty of information about your business by using a simple Google search. Following these steps will help you to maximize the potential of this option in a few minutes.


  1. You need to set up your listing.

If you haven’t claimed your business listing yet, then you’ll need to do so as the first step. Go to the Google My Business page, then click the “Start Now” option in the upper left. Fill in the blanks so that your profile information is complete and accurate. Do this even if you don’t have a physical location or storefront.


  1. Choose a relevant category for your business.

This step allows Google to decide what searches will trigger the appearance of your business. You must choose from one of the available options. If your business doesn’t have a perfect fit, then select a general category that still provides an accurate description. You do want to be as specific as possible.


  1. Use photographs to make your business stand out.

Images help your Google My Business listing stand out from the companies that don’t take this step. It gives prospective customers a chance to see what they can expect with a visit. Use high-resolution images that show off your products and make your company look good. You might consider hiring a provider like Sun Life Tech, who is familiar with this process so that you can use a virtual tour for this optimization effort.


  1. Match your information everywhere.

Google measures value through consistency. If your business listing information is not the same across the internet, then you won’t see a maximized boost in your ranking. Contact the domains displaying the incorrect data so that they can correct it or take it down. Then make sure that you are using a local number to signal that you belong to that community.


How Can Your Business Boost Its Rankings Today?


Optimizing your Google My Business listing is one step of many to take toward an optimal SEO campaign. You must also make sure that you’re creating locally-focused content, adding schema markups to your site, and using relevant information that shows your expertise.


As a final step, consider asking your customers to leave reviews for you after each transaction. By giving people a chance to get to know you through a simple search, you’re going to encourage more purchases.


Need some help? Sun Life Tech can you help you setup your Google My Business Listing so you can hit the ground running. Give us a call today – (727) 544-2665.

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