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There can be a lot of misinformation floating about when you search for technology related services. You will find that Sun Life Tech’s straightforward approach gives you all the solutions.

Virtual tours



Sun Life Tech creates the most immersive & vivid 360º VR experience using Matterport’s latest hardware and technology.

VR (virtual reality)

Depending on the size of your property it can take as little as 40 minutes to scan your property. Upon completion of your scan you are provided with a beautiful high-resolution 360º VR scan that can be used for potential buyers to walk your property.

3d Models

We can create beautiful schematic floor plans that are great for marketing your property. It’s the perfect add-on for homeowners.

Web Design


You have come to the right place if you are looking for Ecommerce websites, service websites or any other custom applications. We can work with any coding, frameworks or most platforms. Give us a call today, we can help. 


Responsive Mobile-Friendly


Seo Optimized


Speed Optimized


Auto Backups


Fully Secure


Modern Design

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Whether you are seeking a Virtual Tour, 360 Photography, Local SEO Services or website – We can help. Click below to get started by scheduling a call with a rep today..


Google Maps

Google Trusted Street View Photographer

Let Sun Life Tech create a beautiful and immersive 360-degree tour of your business. We will help you showcase all of the parts your clients and customers love. Take a look at the questions below. If you answer yes to most of them then your business is right for Google Street View.

Do customers come to your location?

Do you have Google page for your business?

Do you want to get more foot traffic?

Do you want your business to be seen from anywhere and anytime?

Local Seo

Search engine optimization (SEO) for businesses servicing local customers.


High Grade Local SEO

Sun Life Tech local SEO services focuses on keyword targeting, content creation, and localized digital PR to acquire relevant links. 


B2C & B2B Local SEO

The work we perform results in increased rankings within the local pack and you standard search results.


Analytical-Driven SEO

The ultimate-objective of our local SEO services is to beat the competition. We study competitors to learn the important factors that make them succeed in search.

Software development

Let us work with your business and help create new systems, products and innovation that allows a competitive edge. 

We take the time needed to understand your project and provide you with a non cookie-cutter solution which ultimately delivers high-end software. 

Project Research

We learn about your project and also your industry.


We start with the right blueprint and build from there.


We use only quality code to meet your current needs.


We are veristile and can work on almost any platform.


Local SEO Services & Pricing


Known them for years, great remote computer repair and maintenance.

Private Investigator

Had no idea what was wrong with my computer but they were very knowledgeable and were able to figure out the problem and fix it right away. They will definitely be the first ones I call if any other problem arises.
Jenny G

Crypto Expert

Always great service, timely, kind and patient.
Sandra Wahl

Regional Sales

Most professional, knowledgeable and caring support team!
Lisa Gordman

Interior Design

My computer had become very slow and I kept running out of memory. They did a virus removal and gave me a memory upgrade and it was done quickly and was great quality work. My computer now runs like it’s brand new. Thank you guys!
S. Addison

Real Estate Professional


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