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You’re not going to be losing data by choice. It happens because of an accidental click, a data breach, or an issue with your equipment.

When data loss occurs, you can count on the services of our team to recover your data quickly and affordably. We know how valuable your data is to you. Your security and privacy are always a top priority at Sun Life Tech.

It can be easy to wonder which data recovery services are the best solution to meet your need. There are plenty of promises that you’ll find about finding your data. There are some pricing concerns you might see in our industry.

Our recovery advisors simply the approach for you, no matter what type of data failure you have experienced. We categorize data loss into 4 categories to streamline the evaluation process.

Level 1 Recovery

This is an accidental data loss. Your hardware is in good shape. It is the most common type of failure and the easiest data to recovery.

Level 2 Recovery

This failure involves an early stage of equipment failure, combined with some type of accidental loss or low-level failure. There is a good chance for data recovery still at this level.

Level 3 Recovery

At this level of failure, there are one or more intensive failures involved. There may be issues with your circuitry, firmware, or other component assets. Some issues may require cleanroom services for data restoration.

Level 4 Recovery

This is a catastrophic failure. Most data recovery requests with this issue requires a cleanroom service. It is the most difficult recovery option.

An accurate diagnosis is important because it is a measure of the costs you’ll face. Talk to Sun Life Tech today about your data recovery needs and we’ll give you the honest, straightforward advice you need.

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