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How Can Virtual Reality Be Used in Business?

How Can Virtual Reality Be Used in Business?


Virtual reality allows a business to promote its products, services, and messages in entirely new ways. Lowe’s is an early adopter of this technology, allowing customers to design a kitchen or bathroom in VR. Then they can walk into the space to experience personally.


Interest in virtual reality continues to increase as the cost of the technology becomes affordable for the average person. It goes beyond video games to create realistic experiences that could revolutionize the try-before-you-buy concept that converts so well. Every industry stands to benefit in some way.


Here are some of the best opportunities for a business to start using virtual reality right now.


  1. Introduce New Products


Virtual reality can introduce new audiences to established products. It can also show existing customers the benefits of something new. As sensory-based technologies increase in this medium, companies can create specific experiences that allow people to perform particular actions in this space. Someone on a virtual tour of a property could close blinds, pick up a table, or move through a home at whatever pace they prefer.


  1. Show Off New Environments


Virtual reality can help people to explore the outdoors as readily as they can see an indoor environment. It creates an opportunity to turn a local business into a tourism opportunity. Watching a film or viewing a live stream is not the same as being in the environment personally. Companies that incorporate VR successfully can create interactive experiences that build relationships with potential customers.


  1. Training Programs


Businesses can streamline their orientation and training processes by using virtual reality in the classroom. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on human capital and training materials, the VR curriculum would remain serviceable until the next update of policies and procedures. It could even be a way to offer a full certification course in some professions by providing movement simulation for specific tasks.


  1. Improved Sales Strategies


Customers could use VR to configure products or services to experience a preferred outcome virtually. Audi uses this approach to let customers configure their new vehicle to experience it digitally in real-time situations. Realtors can use this technology to create virtual tours that show off all of the best elements of a property so that buyers can walk through a home on their own time without the need for an open house.


Why Choose Virtual Reality as a Business Tool?


Audi experienced an increase in new vehicle sales that approached 70% at some dealerships with the introduction of the user car experience. Half of the customers who went to London’s location in the first year made a purchase without taking a test drive.


Lowe’s design tools that incorporate VR allow homeowners to avoid long conversations at the store about what designs to use. Customers can take their entire concept they develop at home and even order online if they want to avoid running errands.

Sun Life Tech can help you to explore what virtual reality options may be available for your business. This new technology opens new and exciting worlds that build relationships, create experiences, and potentially improve your ROI.

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