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How Valuable Are 360-Degree Tours in the Real Estate Market?

How Valuable Are 360-Degree Tours in the Real Estate Market?


If you have never used a 360-degree tour before, there is one natural question that comes to mind. What will be the ROI be on this project?

Wanting a return from this tool when you’re active in the real estate market is only natural. Spending money on a new marketing activity only makes sense when there is some kind of return expected from this investment.

Here is the information you need to know to see how valuable 360-degree tours can be.

Virtual Tours Create More Interest


Google commissioned a study on virtual tours concerning a person’s interest in a local business. Their research discovered that listings with this tool available are almost twice as likely to generate traffic for the website.

When looking at 360-degree tours from a real estate perspective, 44% of visitors to a listing with this content would use it as a way to view the property. Over 40% of the people who used the upload would then schedule an on-site visit to tour the home.

Two-thirds of Internet users also say that they want more businesses to start using this marketing tool.

Why are 360-degree tours so popular? It is because this content is so useful.

Why Buyers Find 360-Degree Tours Helpful

 Importance of Virtual Tours and 3D Photography

Today’s typical buyer uses their mobile device to access potential properties. Research provided by the National Association of Realtors found that over half of the people who viewed an online listing with a virtual tour liked the property. 54% of respondents said that they wouldn’t even check a listing if it didn’t contain this content.

These findings are similar to the results that others in the real estate industry have discovered when performing their research. Realtor® saw that listings with a 360-degree virtual tour receive almost 90% more views than those with only still photos.

Additional research suggests that the presence of virtual content engages up to 40% more visitors, creating more opportunities to make a sale.

Even properties that seem to be difficult to sell can shine when using this essential marketing tool.

Are You Ready to Explore the Benefits of 360-Degree Tours?


New content must be the foundation of any marketing effort. The real estate market is more competitive today than arguably at any time in history. With fewer starter homes reaching the market and income levels only now beginning to stabilize for many Millennials, the surge in buyers means standing out will generate high levels of attention.

Sun Life Tech can help you to become a listing leader through the use of 360-degree tours. This highly-engaging content provides meaningful information to visitors that can translate into more requests to view a property.

It also keeps online visitors engaged with your listing up to 10 times longer than a standard page with still photos.

Now is the perfect time to explore how this content could provide you with a better ROI. Contact our team today to discover the next evolution in online marketing.

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