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Importance of Virtual Tours and 3D Photography

If you are trying to sell a property, then a virtual tour can provide potential customers with around-the-clock access to the essential information they need to make a purchasing decision.

Virtual tours allow people to visit historic homes, community landmarks, and other important sites virtually and with vivid detail. Anyone from anywhere in the world can see the property if they have an Internet or data connection.

3D photography can be a complementary service to a virtual tour, but it can also be a standalone service that provides its own marketing benefits. Two out of every three customers say that they provide to see three-dimensional images of items because the visual information makes it easier to understand the purchasing decision.

If you are not incorporating these technologies into your marketing campaigns, then you could be losing money.

Why Incorporate Virtual Tours?

New technologies are reshaping the way real estate projects market themselves to consumers. Virtual tours can also help potential customers find their way through intricate building designs to reach a specific office area.

Helping people to find their way or see themselves living somewhere is only one benefit that virtual tours provide. Here are some of the other advantages that you can expect to encounter with this technology.

1. It offers a better marketing reach.

Virtual tours provide a better reach to potential customers. When people have the option to engage with a real estate project from the comfort of home, then they get to experience a new home or business in exquisite detail. The information is highly shareable, making it something that people can send to others over social media. Website links can go through email. This process results in a structure where engaged parties can make more informed decisions.

2. You can target a specific audience.

A virtual tour allows you to target specific demographics segments with information that can lead to a conversion. It doesn’t take long to develop this resource so that you can upload it immediately after its completion. This advantage eliminates blueprint development while giving the prospects who are most likely to buy an opportunity to see themselves at this property.

3. It allows you to represent the best features of the property online.

The modern virtual tour allows you to offer a 360-degree panoramic view of the best places on the property. This advantage gives people comprehensive concepts about what to expect if they were to start living or working there. It is a way to help people feel like you value them without taking a significant hit to your budget.

4. You can add transparency to your brand and business.

Open houses or public tours offer the perception to customers that you’re only showing them what they want to see. A virtual tour puts the control of how someone explores a property in their hands instead. These potential customers can look at anything they want on the tour, linger in their favorite spots, and never be rushed on time. Even if this benefit doesn’t result in a sale, the added transparency to your brand image can improve your reputation in the community.

5. It provides visual information to potential customers.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” A virtual tour brings that concept to life with its visual approach to marketing. The information you provide to potential customers can include wall colors, flooring options, and amenities that are accessible from laptops, desktops, or mobile devices. You can even zoom in on specific areas on a tour to see particular positives or negatives from a personal point of view.

6. Virtual tours can improve your ROI.

Developers often see a higher ROI when they include virtual tours with their marketing approach. When you combine 360-degree photography with supplemental 3D options, then you can make the surrounding environment feel real on a screen. When people know what to expect when entering a home, then it makes offers them more confidence as they complete the buying process.

7. You can offer clickable points of interest.

One of the most unique attributes that you can include in a modern virtual tour is a clickable point-of-interest. These areas allow customers to learn specific details about the items they see. If you were to take the Mount Vernon virtual tour as an example, you could click on things like furniture, plants, books, or architectural elements to learn more about what you are seeing. This information allows for a deeper understanding of the property, which means it has more value in the eyes of a potential customer.

8. It can improve the number of online bookings you receive.

If you include a reservation button or signup option as part of your virtual tour, then this call-to-action can increase your number of online bookings by up to 85%. The best time to encourage people to find out more about a property, business, or destination is when they are receiving visual information about it. Combining the power of customization with the ability to pursue something wanted can close some of the most challenging sales in your region.

How Easy Is It to Use 3D Photography?

You can upload 3D photos to a website in the same way that you’d set up a YouTube video on your site. There are no special programs or add-ons needed for your visitors to view your product.

Everything that someone would need is found in their browser.

Customers get to choose the details they want to see on your product at their leisure. This addition to your website increases the amount of time that someone spends on each page, which creates more opportunities for you to close the deal.

When you can decrease the bounce rate of your site while maintaining page speeds, then there are also potential optimization benefits you can experience with 3D photography. Organic traffic can convert at 10 times the rate as a standard visitor, which means your ROI can receive another boost.

Engaging with a Virtual Tour and 3D Photography is Easy

Visitors to your site will quickly figure out what they need to do to interact with these two unique visual elements. All you need to do to engage with a visual tour is to use a finger, trackpad, or mouse to move in any direction. This action lets someone see the ceilings, floor, and the rest of the environment.

When you use 3D photography, then customers can zoom in or out of the image to look at specific details. There is also the option to rotate the image to create your desired results.

You could produce these visual materials independently by purchasing the photography equipment, taking the time to record each image, and then edit the files to ensure their consistency. The expense of doing so would require a significant initial capital investment, which some businesses or individuals are not in a position to provide.

That’s why hiring a trusted matterport service provider and Google photographer is an investment that makes sense. Rates are surprisingly affordable, and you’ll get to take advantage of these benefits once your file is ready to view.

If you are in the St. Pete, FL area and are thinking about a virtual tour or adding 3D photography to your site, then let’s start the conversation today. Inserting these elements to your marketing approach could be the best investment you make into your brand or business this year.

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