360° Virtual Tours To Take Your Airbnb Listing to the Next Level


Are you struggling to find people who want to stay at your Airbnb? If you have tinkered with the listing and taken every step without success, then it might be time to try a new approach.


A 360° Virtual Tours for Your Airbnb property allows prospective guests to view their accommodations through a perspective of realism. Photographs of each room are lovely and helpful, but an actual walkthrough that shows off the experience can be that final step that pushes someone toward a booking.


Benefits of Adding a Virtual Tour


The primary benefit that you receive with a 360° tour of your Airbnb listing is that it provides increased convenience. You can record the walkthrough once, and then everyone can see your property in its pristine condition.


There are some additional benefits to consider as well.


  1. It provides a realistic experience.

360° Virtual Tours for Your Airbnb provides a realistic experience, similar to what an open house provides for a listing agent. Anyone with access to the Internet can look at your property 24/7, creating an instant sensation of ownership.


  1. You will stand out from the crowd.

Airbnb listings that get more links and traffic tend to perform better. A virtual tour can provide you with that competitive edge against the local competition. Listings with this option can receive up to 40% more clicks compared to those that only use images.


  1. It helps you to save time.

How much time do you spend right now responding to questions about your Airbnb? With a virtual tour available, many of those answers are provided already. You are giving everyone the tools they need to decide if the property can meet their requirements.


If you are ready to take your Airbnb to the next level, then let’s schedule an appointment to create a 360° virtual tour of your property soon. It could be the right investment to take your listing to the top of the results!


Call Sun Life Tech today to schedule an appointment at (727) 544-2665 or click here to schedule.

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