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How to Take a 360-Degree Panorama Photo

How to Take a 360-Degree Panorama Photo


Almost any camera can take a 360-degree panorama photograph today. How you complete this task will depend on the device that you choose to use.

Taking a 360-degree photo on a smartphone is a very different experience compared to what someone using a DSLR camera will encounter.

This short guide will take you through the steps needed to begin creating your own photographs.


Taking a 360-Degree Panorama Photo with a Smartphone


If you have a smartphone equipped with a camera, then you can probably take a panorama photo from the included app on the device.

Open the camera as if you are going to take a picture. Then scroll through your options until you find a “pano” selection. Then follow the instructions given on your screen to complete the image.

You can find apps like the iOS 360 Panorama or Photosynth are fun and affordable ways to start experimenting with this medium. Keeping the smartphone steady enough to create a spherical image can be a challenging task, so always work with the guidelines offered on the screen whenever possible to create an excellent result.

Once you have the imaged saved as a file, you can upload it to social media, a blog, or a landing page on your domain to take advantage of its marketing potential.

Some small cameras, such as the Ricoh Theta, allow you to create a 360-degree panorama photo without the hassle of using an app. It takes advantage of how a fisheye lens sees the world, stitching the final image together reliably to create a stunning image.

Taking a 360-Degree Panorama Photo with a DSLR


If you discover that your 360-degree panorama photos generate a lot of attention, then you’ll want to step up to a DSLR at some point. A mirrorless camera is another excellent option to consider.

You can use wide-angle and fisheye lenses to create images that show off every detail you want to share. Handheld options are available with these cameras, but the use of a panohead on a tripod will make it a lot easier to capture the photo you want.

When you have a panoramic head for your DSLR, then you stay in control of the settings throughout the entire image-taking process. This technology keeps the point where light enters the lens consistent during the shooting effort. That makes the stitching work a lot easier to complete when it is necessary.

The panohead keeps your DSLR level during the rotation, which enhances the final quality of the image.

Most DSLR cameras will offer a panoramic setting from the top dials or knobs so that you can immediately take this image. If this choice is not available, then the differences between manufacturers and models will require you to reference your owner’s manual to discover how to take this picture.

Sun Life Tech can help you to unlock the power of 360-degree panoramic photography today. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, our team can make your subject material shine with this technology. Let our experience in this area become your next best asset.

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