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How to Market 360-Degree Panorama Photography Online

The idea of 360-degree photography isn’t a new one. Cameras using 35mm film could help enterprising photographers to create this option in print more than 30 years ago.

Because of the rapid technological development of smartphones and social platforms, creating panoramic photographs has become easier than ever before. Anyone with a device manufactured after 2017 has the potential to create this image with their existing tools.

That means knowing how to market this photography online is essential knowledge. It can bring your business to life.

How to Use 360-Degree Photos for Your Business


If your business has a location or office to promote, then a 360-degree panorama photograph is that picture that’s worth a thousand words.

This marketing option allows you to show off the architecture, internal design, and visitor benefits of your property. Hotels, retail outlets, and restaurants can show potential customers what to expect when someone steps through their doors.

Parks, amusement centers, and other entertainment venues can show exterior views that let people explore options for fun from the comforts of home.

If your physical location is a vital component of the products or services you offer, then your marketing portfolio will directly and immediately benefit from a 360-degree panorama photo.

Connect to People on Social Media


Your 360-degree panorama photograph can be part of your social media experience. Most platforms allow you to upload this imagery so that everyone can experience your business in personal ways.

Showing off products from different angles in a gallery of still images is not as useful to the average person as a 360-degree image. This upgrade allows the potential customer to have control over their encounter with your brand.

Since smartphones can mimic the exact action of holding a product, online shopping with this tool can make the experience feel realistic to the consumer. It allows each person to imagine what it is like to work with your business. If a positive first impression occurs, then you’ll have more trust develop so that long-term relationships can develop.

You Can Use 360-Degree Panorama Photos for SEO


Another marketing option for your 360-degree photography is to incorporate this imagery into your search engine optimization efforts.

Modern 360-degree technology can hold viewers on a page for up to three times longer than text or still images. You can even increase the number of page views by 40% or more by incorporating this content into your efforts.

It provides a boost to your SEO because of the concept of value. You don’t need to pack keywords into your content or create specific metadata to rank higher anymore. If your website is the most valuable one in your industry for your target market, then you can be a Page One click.

Sun Life Tech can help you to upgrade your website through the use of 360-degree panorama photography. Let our marketing experience become your next best asset. We’ll show you what to include with each image so that your ROI can improve dramatically in 2020 and beyond.

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