Steps to Follow for Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing

Hello guys. And welcome back. This is Peter with SunLife tech. Today, we’re going to learn about how to set up and optimize your Google, my business listing, and we’re going to do a pretty simple guy. So, uh, first thing you want to do is we’re going to jump right into this, by the way, not going to waste any time.

First thing you want to do is look up a Uh, some of you that. Maybe don’t like to type in this, in the URL bar, you can search for it. Google my business, three separate words, and it should bring you to this page. If you’re logged into your Google account, if not, you’ll have to set up an account, which takes a few minutes and verify it.

And you’re all set now from there. Um, it’s going to be pretty simple. You see this page here, find the manager business. So if your business is out there already, um, it’s fine. We can do it. Right. So you can search it here in the search bar and it should pull it up, but can’t find your business. That’s fine.

We can add your business to Google. So, um, as many of you know, the Google, my business listing is one of today’s most critical SEO elements. I mean when customers can find your physical location and this capability adds a tremendous level of value to your website, and most importantly, your business now, many SEO factors right now, focus on value above anything else.

You can have errors or lack of content available and still rank high. If you’re the most valuable business in the community for your industry, super important. So optimizing this free tool that Google is so gracious to give us is a fast and easy way to increase your sales opportunities. About half of all, people who perform local searches will visit the business.

Uh, excuse me. Yes. The business they’ve looked up. On that same day, which is super awesome. One way or another, they’re going to contact, contact them by phone, especially during this COVID situation. Uh, but traditionally though they may drive there, especially if you have a traditional brick and mortar location, right?

So here are a few steps to follow for optimizing your Google, my business listing. Okay. Now I want to repeat this, uh, potential customers can obtain plenty of information about your business by using a simple Google search. And following these steps are going to help you maximize the potential of this option in just a few minutes.

So I wanted to reiterate that because I want everyone to know how important this is. Okay. So like I said, at the beginning, the first thing you need to do, step one is set up your listing. Now, if you haven’t claimed your business listing yet, then you’ll need to do so. As a first step. And like I said, at the beginning, you want to go to Google my business page, then click start now.

And that option is usually in the upper left corner and then fill in the blank so that your profile information is complete. So let’s start here first. So let’s say you’re adding any business to Google. Uh, let’s see what we’re going to do. XYZ, uh, Corp. X, Y Z S we’ll just want to pick something. So in case, yeah, there we go.

Create your business. So it’s going to, it’s going to allow you to select from either one, right? So you can create a business with this name or pick the one that’s in location. So if that’s you in Jacksonville, then you can just click on that, but we’re going to start with the top then we’re going to go next.

All right. So step two. Very easy, uh, or it could be easy depending on what industry you’re in, but sometimes it’s a little tedious, but it’s super important. So I’m choosing a relevant category for your business is important. This step allows Google to decide what searches will trigger the appearance of your business.

And you must choose from one of the available options. If your business doesn’t have a perfect fit. Then select a general category that still provides an accurate description and represents your business correctly. Uh, let’s see. And you do want to be as specific as possible. So, and this one, we’re going to pick anything.

We’re just going to pick something. Um, let’s see. We’re going to pick aquarium. That sounds fun. Okay. Let’s pick aquarium just to start. Okay. Now here you want to select, uh, do you want your, you want to add a location? Customers can visit. So if you’re an aquarium yeah. Yes. If you have a store office. Yes. Uh, but if you are a mobile provider and you don’t want to do that, you can select yes or no.

So on this one, we’re just going to select no. All right. Bye. That’s right. Aquarium does require a location. Okay. So great. So on this one, we’re just going to pick, um, anything here. Let’s see, uh, let’s pick one of these and Florida. There we go next. Okay. So on this section here, you’re going to select if you serve your customers outside this location.

Okay. And if you do great, let’s just click. Yes. So let’s say you do provide certain things. So, uh, we’re going to pick in the Eros, Florida Indian rocks beach. Oh, Nope. That’s not what I meant, where else to fix that up. So what happens when you type fast guys take your time? Great. So let’s go next. Fantastic.

So on this one here, um, you’re going to have to do a phone number. You’re going to have to do a, you don’t necessarily have to do a website now for those of you that don’t have a website. It’s fine. Don’t panic. Uh, many of you don’t need a website in today’s age, though. I do recommend highly. That you do maintain a website, even if it’s just for aesthetics, right?

You just want to go over and show people a few pictures, maybe less than services. And it also helps with, um, search engine ranking. So, um, this one we’re going to put, we do not have a website and we’re going to just do any number on here. So we’re going to do, there we go. Just going to select a bogus number for now, cause this is for tests.

So we’re going to finish. Now what’s going to happen is Google’s gonna, uh, go through the information. Uh, then it’s going to set up your profile for you, right? At that point, you get to this next step, which is adding your, uh, business hours. And so, um, let’s just say we’re open Monday, Tuesday. Okay. Actually let me close that.

And we’re going to do 12:00 AM. Yeah. We’re we’re late night people. There we go. 12:00 AM at 2:00 AM. And this is just for test guys. Okay. So make sure that you add your schedule accordingly to your business, according to your business, a safe. Now, if you’re not ready to do that, you can certainly skip. Do you want accept messages?

You can. Now that requires a mobile app. Okay. And you can download that from Google on your own, uh, depending if your iPhone or Android, doesn’t matter, you just go onto your mobile device and you search your app store. And download it and install it, then connect it to your account. At that point, people, people, customers, anyone will be able to message you on your Google profile directly to your mobile device, which by the way, does not give away your phone number, but it will allow you to receive messages and most importantly, respond to your customers on the fly immediately.

And that is super important guys. And I’ll explain in my next video, why that’s super important. Okay. So on this one, we’re just going to click no for now. Okay. So, um, this one here, it’s super important that you add a brief description, as you can see here, 750 words. So let’s see

bam. So on this one, we’re just doing something general for the sake of getting through this now. This is super important. Okay. You want to definitely, uh, use photographs that make your business stand out and guys use good quality photos. I understand. Time is of the essence. I understand people have to be efficient these days, but what you put in, you get out.

If you take the time to get the right photos that represent your business high quality, it’s going to be very beneficial. And I’ll explain why. If you upload a small. Photo which sometimes Google won’t even let you, if the dimensions are too low, if the quality is too low Google’s bot walls block you and say, no, this does not qualify.

And when you upload small images and try to expand them, they look very grainy. Yeah, that’s the first representation of your business that potential customers will see, and it may deter them from doing business from you as silly as it sounds. It is possible. So you definitely want to upload nice quality photos.

As you can see some of these examples that are here, okay. Let’s see images, help your Google, my business listing. Stand out from the companies that don’t take this step, and it pretty much gives you perspective. Excuse me. It gives your prospective customers a chance to see what they can expect with a visit.

So your company, definitely, again, I want to reiterate, use high resolution images that show off your products and make your company look really good. You might consider hiring a provider that does these photos for you. Definitely. If you are getting up into Google now, right. And doing your profile and you have a brick and mortar, you definitely want to get someone that’s Google street view, trusted a Google photographer that can actually take photos and high Rez, and maybe even do a virtual scan for your business, which is super beneficial.

I’ll explain in my other videos later, why that’s super beneficial, but you can upload that into Google, my business, uh, Google maps everywhere. So people can actually walk your business. So I didn’t mean to get. On to another topic, but it’s all relevant. Okay, great. So we’re going to skip this for now and pretend we added photos.

Yeah, let’s see. Now this, this Ali for another video, cause this is not something you can do quickly. If you go ahead and try to jump on Google ad words and advertise without doing the research, you could potentially lose a lot of money. It’s like throwing money in the garbage disposal or into an open lit grill.

Okay. So we’re going to skip this for now. Great. Our profile is almost ready. Here we go. So on the back end, this is what it looks like. As beautiful as you can see here, it, uh, on the menu. Do you have your for post info insights, reviews messages. So actually, if you miss any messages on your phone, you can actually go here.

And take a look to see what’s going on, uh, bookings, if you are someone like a hairdresser or a massage therapist, and you want to set up scheduling, you can do that here. Uh, and also website. So like I said, if you don’t have a website, you need a quick one. Google can do that for you as well within their Google, my business section.

Fantastic. So, um, some of the important things I want to go back here to this main menu, you, uh, take, take a second to take a look at this. And read through it. Remember what you put in, you get out. So in this ex um, this section here, you can actually create a post. If you like. Now what’s nice about this is that in this area, once you post this, so let’s say somebody does a search and your business comes up in the map section.

These posts will show up there as well. So you want to post, uh, and events, uh, what’s new. What’s going on? Uh, you want to do maybe a promotion. Let’s see here. You can actually select. What, uh, what you want to add and where you want to link it to most importantly. So if this links back to your website, you want to want them to buy it immediately order online, uh, things like that, or even call you can do that here.

Uh, you can also upload events, which shows up in Google search engines super important. So if you’re doing anything, that’s inviting the public, maybe you’re doing a brand new grand opening, uh, an event, barbecue, whatever it is, use your tools available to you. It’s free guys it’s available and they’re super powerful.

Fantastic. So let’s get out of here. Uh, also here, you can add your COVID updates up that your business hours. Uh, you can add attributes. And ah, as I was mentioning earlier at doing a walkthrough, Google virtual tours, uh, super important, this draws traffics, I cannot explain to you how important this is, but I will make a video so that I can actually show you why it’s super important.

Um, okay, so let’s go back here. Now. I’m going to give you, I’m going to show you this one here, my profile. So you can take a look. So, this is just within a few days here. So it gives you your performance, lets you know, what’s going on super important, right? So you know what your marketing is doing and whatnot.

Uh, but I want to show you the posts most importantly. So we’ll go here and you can see our posts this January 21st. So, uh, let’s see if you post on search, see what it looks like

and they pop up here. So when somebody actually clicks on this here, they can actually click on your, um, The posts that shows up on the right side here, and it’ll pop up this box, they can read and they can click on their action button or they can go in and share it, which is pretty neat. And let’s close this out.

So as you can see here, uh, this was posted three hours ago as a COVID update and it shows up here for COVID updates. And if you’re adding products, it’ll show up down here as well, which is pretty neat. And then questions and answers, things of that nature. Okay, fantastic. So this is your post section and let’s go to photos.

We’re just taking a quick walk around. So you want to upload as many photos as possible. Uh, as you can see here, your cover. So this is going to be your banner and then your logo. And you can see here, this is going to show all how many views. And I believe this isn’t a monthly. Yes, this is monthly. So this was reset.

So usually I have enough I’m in the thousands, uh, Oxley. Here’s some photos of a virtual tour that I did now. And again, guys, it may seem like I’m jumping all over the place, but this is super important that you see this it’s all relevant and it’s going to help your rankings. Okay. Uh, this, this one here, these, these, uh, our virtual tour that I did in New York city.

And this was before COVID of course. And this one goes in the thousands that you can actually upload the pen or panoramic photos, videos, things of that nature. And, uh, you can come back here and weekly or monthly. I like to come back weekly and look up at the staff just to see what’s going on. Okay, great.

Uh, let’s take a look here info now. Super important that you go ahead and. Make sure your info is correct. And, um, once you get everything done and you verified your business, you can come back here and, um, you can actually look to see what it looks like when it comes up on maps, which is pretty neat.

And here’s a whole, uh, the way everything is broken down. So you can see what your information looks like online. All right guys, now, uh, something super important and you’re doing this and, and that’s great. Uh, okay. Google is not the only tool out there. And one of the most important things that Google looks at is, uh, your information and that makes sure that it’s uniform across the board.

What I mean by that is that your information has to match your inf your other information everywhere else. And, and. Google actually measures the value through consistency to be exact. Uh, if your business listing information is not the same across the internet, then you won’t see a maximized boost in your ranking.

So you want to contact the domains, displaying the incorrect data. If it’s, I mean, places like Facebook, you can go ahead and actually update it yourself. Right. Um, you can go on Pinterest. You can go on a lot of these directories that give you access, but let’s say there’s a website that you don’t have access to.

You definitely want to email it the webmaster and let them know, Hey, please. Uh, can you correct it or whatever? Break it down. Okay. And then, um, last thing is you want to make sure you’re using a local number to signal that. You belong to the community. If you come on there and you’re just using a toll free number, that’s not necessarily going to be good for you, uh, because it won’t give you the proper ranking, but having a local number shows that you are in that community, that you’re an actual business and it just looks a lot better.

So how can your, how can your business boots boost its rankings today? That’s always a good question. Well, uh, when you’re optimizing your Google, my business listing as a first step, you’re taking a step toward optimal SEO and you also, you must also make sure that you’re creating locally focused content, adding schema markups for your sites and using relevant information that shows you.

Pretty much your expertise, right in your industry. Um, as a final step, consider asking your customers to leave you reviews, um, after each transaction. And, uh, this gives people a chance to get to know you through a simple search, and that’s also been encouraged more purchases, honestly. So if you guys need some help, feel free to contact sound, SunLife tech.

And we’ll help you get you set up. And also we offer managing of your Google, my business. So if that’s something you need done, because you don’t have time and, and, and which there’s nothing wrong with that, a lot of you business owners out there or startups, you have to focus on your business on your vision.

That’s where we come in. We help you with managing things like this, your Google, my business, and making sure that your business stays relevant, that your profile stay updated and is correct across the board. So feel free to give us a call, anytime, contact us. If you have any comments about the videos, good or bad, please post them.

We always invite, uh, all types of feedback. So, all right, guys, Peter, with SunLife tech, hope to see you on the next video. Take care.

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