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How-to install free WordPress chatbot plugin

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Hey guys. And welcome back. This is Peter with SunLife tech, with another, how to video, to better help your design and your efforts of design efforts. So today we’re going to talk about how to install a chat bot on your website and a lot of people yeah. Use chatbots. It’s super important because. You want your customers to have a way to communicate with you and your business immediately, without having to look for the phone number, they get an immediate response.

They not leaving and going to another one site or another company because they couldn’t find your phone number or couldn’t communicate with you immediately. So this, these chat bots are very beneficial for your website and your business. So the chat bot we’re going to talk about today, there’s premium chat bots, and then there’s free chat bots.

So the one I’m talking about is free, which is super cost-effective. Right. And this chat bot that I’m talking about today is the official Facebook chat. Excuse me, Facebook chat, plugin chat bot. Yes. And so with this chat bot, it’s nice. It integrates with Facebook. It’s one of the reasons we use it, right.

We’re already communicating on Facebook. I don’t personally want another system that I need to log into every time and check messages with this Facebook chat bot. It allows you to receive messages directly to your Facebook account and you can respond already. Many people use Facebook and are already be logged in on their mobile devices or on their computers.

So it’s a very easy plugin to use. And I’m going to show you how to install that. So you can add it to your website and let me show you what it looks like. So on here, uh, about them, right? Which we can place this on the left or the right. No problem. And I’m another video. I’m going to show you how to add this to your menu.

So it’s at the top. So currently, as you can see, we don’t have that at the top, but something we’re going to do. And I like to make a video because a lot of websites like having that chat button all the way at the top. So when visitors come to their website, they can immediately find it and begin to communicate with the company of the choosing.

So here now, Well, I have mine set up or for sunlight tech is you can actually log into your messenger or continue as a guest. And then from there, send your messages and also receive responses from the company that you’re talking with in this case, it’s something like tech. So the first thing you’re going to do, if you have a WordPress site and this, this is primarily for WordPress users, a few of our other videos will teach you how to integrate this.

With a basic HTML site, if that’s what you’re doing these days or any other platform you’re using, but today we’re referencing press or a platform. Okay. So the first thing we’re going to do is if you’re using WordPress already, you’re familiar with it. So you’re going to go into your plugin section, which is then the backend of WordPress, and you’re going to click on plugin.

So I’ve already done that and you’re going to go ahead and do a quick search and enter.

And there it is. So you’re going to get a bunch of features in this case were already installed, but there’s a lot of other chatbots out there and I want to touch base on them because some of them offer a free model, which has very limited features. And then they they’d be get you in there. And they say, Hey, here’s the pro model as well.

And on the pro model, we have some extra features. So let’s check this one to see if that was a good example. And we’re going to click on that for more details. See what’s going on. And this one is from Omni chat. So I have no experience with them, or I’ve never used them. I’m looking through here to see if they offer a pro and that’s why they get you.

They get you with the free version, which is extremely limited, and you’re not really able to do much with it. So it doesn’t really, um, it doesn’t really, uh, How do I put this? It does not represent your company correctly. It just looks like you’re an amateur and you don’t want that for your company. So on here, it looks like this is a very popular chat bot and I’m looking, see if they offer any pro versions.

It doesn’t appear. Wait a minute. No, it doesn’t look like that. Okay. So we’ve got some good reviews, but I liked, I like Facebook now. If you find another chat bot on there, which we recommend, every website have one great use it, but if you don’t have to pay for it, then why pay for it? Right. With the Facebook chat, it offers a lot of convenience.

And in my opinion, one of those being the most important is efficiency. That means. And what I mean by that is that you don’t have to log in to another account, which in this age that we’re living in, everyone has so many email accounts, so many passwords they have to remember. Right. And what this Facebook chat plugin it’s, it’s, everything’s there, it’s integrated now a lot of people don’t like Facebook and you’ve got to be careful with the reviews.

So you can see here, it has two and a half. I installed it anyway and I tested it out and it works great. And of course is going to have low reviews, which are sometimes bogus and you can go into the reviews and actually read them and you’ll see they make sense or not. If they’re in another language, usually a lot of people are hired overseas to leave negative reviews, but I stand by Facebook chat plugin.

Okay. And certainly it may not work for you just because it works for several other companies. It might, it may not be a fit for your company. So you want to look into the, to the chat plugins that are available and see what works best for you. This is just a recommendation. Okay. Um, so okay. Once you install it, great.

You’re all set. What’s going to happen here is you’re going to see a little, um, new item in the menu. After you refresh, after you activate, you want to go back to your dashboard, that’s going to refresh your, your menu. And you’ll see this come up here, customer chat and let’s click on it. It’s very easy to install.

So once, once you get started, you’re going to see here. All you have to do is connect it. You click this button here, where it says, edit chat plugin. I’ve already done that. You go ahead and connect it with your Facebook. It’s very easy. Now what’s going to happen is it’s going to show up a bunch of permissions.

Do you want to leave those permissions to same and select the page relevant with your website? And so, um, in my case for this one, it was gamers global. So the Facebook page was already set up and that’s super important. Guys. Keep in mind beef, if you haven’t set up your Facebook page yet, make sure you do that first because.

Once this is installed and you log into your account. It’s going to look for that page. And the nice thing about this is it’s made by Facebook. Facebook’s very awesome with the privacy settings and the rules and standards and procedures. So I trust it. I don’t know where the other plugins came from, so I don’t use them.

And my information is sacred. Just like yours is privacy. Is King. So why don’t you go ahead and select your page? It’s as simple as connecting now, what’s nice about this is that you can actually style the coloring to this. So I left mine blue, which is fine, but I can actually style these buttons and this circle here to look like these orange buttons here, which is nice.

So it actually fits the look of your website. Many companies prefer to leave this. The same color as Facebook because of the brand recognition. And they realize what it is immediately. Right. Especially the icon. So everyone knows that icon. I know, certainly when I saw it, I was like, Oh yeah, that’s Facebook.

Okay, great. I need that. Anyway, with that being said, it’s an awesome plugin. I rate this a five star, 10 star, if I could have. And hopefully this helps you guys where you’re not. Going nuts, looking for a solution and then having to set up a bunch of API keys and configuration configuring, uh, plugins. This is plug and play set simple.

Once you connect your page, if you can be done with it, you don’t need to edit the actual, um, coloring. You don’t need to go ahead and edit anything else. As far as wording, you can, you can actually edit your welcome message. If you like, Hey, hi, how can we help you? You can edit that. You can change that to suit what you’re trying to get out.

Yeah. Okay. Okay. I, so Peter, with some lights, I hope this video helps you in some way. If you have any questions, if you need some clarity, if you want me to expand on certain points that I spoke about, please feel free to comment below in the video. Or if you found this video in a blog post, go ahead and comment as well.

And I’ll respond as soon as possible. Certainly we love the work that we do. We love web design. We love SEO, all of it. So thank you for watching. I’ll see you on the next one. Take care. Oh guys, don’t forget to like us on YouTube or subscribe and like our videos. And don’t forget to comment on our blog articles.

We have some pretty cool informational articles on our websites and we think we can. So, all right guys, take care. See you next time.

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