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360 Virtual Tours for Insurance Claims

One of the most tedious chores you must undertake to protect your property is your inventory. You must document each item you want to cover for insurance purposes. That includes having images or verified descriptions of the condition of your home or business structure.

It is a time-consuming process that only gets utilized when filing a claim. That’s why many in the St. Pete and Tampa area decide to skip this step, relying on the base coverage of their policy for protection alone.

If you have a 360 virtual tour of your property and the belongings you wish to protect, then you will have something to present to your insurance agent in the unlikely event a claim becomes necessary.

How Does a 360 Virtual Tour Help with a Claim?

Imagine that a hurricane blows through the region. It wipes out your home or business, leaving nothing standing. If you have a 360 virtual tour to present as part of your insurance claim, then you can prove without a doubt what was present. It will show your representative the property precisely as it looked before the catastrophic event.

You can also use a 360 virtual tour in St. Pete and Tampa for less-intensive purposes. If someone breaks into your property and steals valuable items, then this service eliminates any question as to what was taken.

When traumatic events occur, it can be challenging to remember what is missing. If you don’t have an inventory of the items, then the value of your claim might not be as high as it should be.

If you would like to skip the traditional inventory and documentation process for your insurance policies, then now is the perfect time to hire a 360 virtual tour specialist. We accept Purchase Orders and other forms of payment so that you can receive the protection you require immediately.

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