Hotel & Resorts Virtual Tours

Does your hotel or resort offer a five-star experience, but promotes its brand through a one-star website?

When people are booking a stay at a hotel for business or pleasure, they want the online experience to be as convenient as possible. That means they want a way to book a stay online, confirm that the rate is competitive, and know what to expect from their room.

If you swing and miss on any of these core elements of the user experience, then you’ve got a 50/50 chance of losing that customer – even if their intent was to book a room when they visited your website.

A 360-degree virtual tour cannot solve all of those problems, but it can be an effective tool that shows a potential customer what to expect from their room and your facilities.

Virtual Tours Aren’t Just for Hotels

There are many lodging options in the hotel and resort industry today that can benefit from the presence of a virtual tour. If you have a listing on VRBO, Airbnb, or a similar site, then this tool can help you to generate more organic traffic, clicks, and conversions.

Extended-stay suites, hostels, or bed-and-breakfast locations can experience the same benefits too. Anyone can access the virtual tour with an Internet connection to see if your accommodations can meet their needs.

Consumer confidence is a powerful ally in the fight against high vacancy rates. If you can show someone the complete experience before they even start thinking about what rates to pay, then you’ve got a strong chance at earning revenues.

If you cannot attract a customer in the first place, then the quality of your service does not matter. Book your appointment to have a 360-degree virtual tour taken today so that you can show everyone why your rooms, amenities, and daily operations are the best choice in your community.



Let’s Talk 360-Degree Virtual Tours.

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